Orto San Giulio




Location: Orto San Giulio


Villa Crespi, dated to 1879 and owned by a Cristoforo Benigno Crespi, a pioneer in the cotton industry, who constructed this place being inspired to his trips in the Middle East, opens its doors to the guests to let them experience the fairytale-like atmosphere on the Orta Lake.


Guest Rooms and Suites

The Villa has 14 rooms and suites on three floors. Inside the architecture and Moorish style reflect the middle eastern theme which is also a characteristic of the exterior of the residence.


Suites are divided into: Premium Suites, Master Suites, Executive Suites, Junior Suites.

Other types of Rooms are: Deluxe Rooms, Classic Rooms.


Restaurant & Bar

From South to North Italy, fusion of flavour and pleasure.  Antonino Cannavacciuolo – Chef Patron of the 2-star Michelin restaurant within the luxury 5-star Villa Crespi in Orta San Giulio. Inspired by the traditions of his homeland, the Campania, his adoption territory, Piedmont, and the simplicity of the flavors of home, Chef Cannavacciuolo offers an always extraordinary cuisine experience, characterized by the use of excellent raw materials in harmonious fusion bringing the past and present together for an engaging and exciting creative Mediterranean cuisine.


The Wine Cellar

Choose from one the 1,800 different wines; the best of classic and contemporary choices.
The wine list is in constant evolution and includes wines from Italy as well as from all over the world. There is one cellar dedicated to red wines and one for sparkling wines, champagne and white wines. The bottles are kept at an ideal temperature with just the right amount of humidity; prefect conditions to preserve their unique characteristics. According to a popular legend, passageways and tunnels link the Villa’s cellars to the Island of San Giulio and to the Torre di Buccione. Once a place of worship and prayer, these places are now dedicated to the care and conservation of the precious wines personally chosen and selected by our Sommelier and the Chef.



In this unique and inimitable context, The Villa Crespi Wellness Suite represents an oasis, a privileged escape from the daily routine. An environment where you can breathe well-being and relax, savoring the sound of silence, where you can find your balance in a peaceful and refined place.
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