Varenna, Lago di Como



Location: Varenna, Lago di Como


Elegant and charming structure dated back to the nineteenth century, being recently restored. The walls of the building remembered and proud to host Queen Victoria of England, in honor of whom the hotel was named.

This place is full of a romantic atmosphere and proximity to excellent restaurants and attractions. Living in Royal Victoria, you will easily enjoy all the best that Varenna offers.


Room guests and Suites:

All rooms and suites are have preserved the sophistication of the past centuries at the same time, also have fitted modern technologies that will ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Moreover, rooms offer a great choice of peculiarities that will make your stay there more pleasant: an amazing view of the enchanting lake Como or the eternal mountains or the beauty of Italian squares with a 14th-century church.


Suites are divided into: Junior Suite “Manzoni”, Junior Suite “Promessi sposi”, Junior Suite “Renzo”, Junior Suite “Lucia”. The name of each suite refers to the iconic masterpiece of Alessando Manzoni “I Promessi Sposi”.

Other types of Rooms are: Classic, Deluxe, Prestige.



Bar and Restaurants:

Both restaurants offer their guests a wide selection of dishes, both Italian and international. Local ingredients and a rich selection of wine to diversify the meal

It’s up to you to enjoy dinner on the old Varenna’s central square from which to enjoy the view of the historic St. George Church, in this case, Victoria Grill will be the best option for you, or on the shore of the lake where the Royal Gourmet is placed.



For complete relaxation, the hotel provides a spa zone, which offers a great choice of treatments on a request. Moreover, there are a Finish sauna, steam bath, and relaxing shower.



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