Location: Turin

Hotel Principi di Piemonte, a famous name which stands for an ancient elegance, a 5 stars Hotel in Turin downtown, a symbol of the glorious past of one among the most important European Royal Family in 1800.

Guest Rooms and Suites

Staying in one of the precious 99 rooms is like to open the door of the sweetest luxury, of a prestigious and exclusive world.
Each accommodation is furnished with all the amenities needed for a tailored, unforgettable stay. The accurate attention to details, beginning with the furniture, recalling the early decades of the past century, helps to create a captivating and charming atmosphere.

Restaurants and Bar

Casa Savoia Restaurant proposes a highly refined menus composed by a wide selection of traditional (Italian and international) dishes. The Chef composes each dish with a creative reinterpretation and modern feel.

The “Il Salotto dei Principi” Bar can offer occasions of pure pleasure, with cocktails selections, canapès and tasty appetizers made to delight your senses.

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