Sorrentine Peninsula



Location: Sorrento

Bellevue Syrene’s welcoming tradition is based on the ancient vocation of this splendid land of sunshine, sea and fragrances which attract visitors from every part of the world. The hotel rose up on the splendid remains of a majestic villa, a home destined to the otium of the highest Roman aristocracy.

Guest Rooms and Suites

All the rooms and suites face the sea and the Gulf of Naples and it represent the idea of comfort and wellness. Each room and suite is unique, furnished in an original way mixing old and new.

Restaurants and Bar

Our premises are able to respond in a flexible way to your wishes, according to the season, with the splendid panoramic terraces which houses the restaurant La Pergola, perfect for hot summer days, and the winter restaurant Mimmo Iodice with its warm and welcoming style.



Club Lounge

We like to offer an exclusive complimentary service from 10 AM to 8 PM which allows having a snack before lunch or dinner, in those moments during the day in which we crave for something sweet or salted without spoiling our appetite for the main meal- Every day our Guests will find a tasty variety of excellent local products arranged in an inviting and original way.

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